Dressage Mastery Academy

Congratulations on committing to improving your dressage riding and training. When I was learning to ride dressage, I found the whole thing hard, confusing… and not to mention frustrating! I kept looking for a system or a formula that would give me the answers, so I could get the results I wanted.

Words like through-ness, connection, impulsion and submission made no sense to me. And when I went looking for answers, I couldn’t find any.

In time, I figured out how to ride dressage, and created an easy-to-use system that I then began to teach to my clients. To my happiness and to my clients delight, the system works, and we can now ride dressage, understanding what we are doing, what we are looking to achieve, to ultimately get results in the dressage arena.

Now you have the opportunity, to also share in this system, and get the results you want.

I have split this riding program into sections, depending on where you are in your dressage journey.

Module 1: Dressage Explained

In this program you will learn the basic need-to-know stuff to master before you can progress through the grades. This includes:

  • Riding Mindset
  • Seat
  • Half Halt
  • Basics in hand and under saddle (including lunging)
  • Connection
  • Transitions

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I came to Natasha because I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my riding and I wasn’t progressing… in the last 8 months I have gone from lower grade 3 level to grade 2, and our test results jumped up really high in percentages really fast. I now understand what I need to do to progress. We had a goal to get to grade 3 and win at TTT… but we ended up pointing out of grade 3 a week before the TTT and had to do the hardest 2 tests for grade 2 and placed 8th in one of the tests which I was over the moon and blown away about! 🙂

If you are stuck and not getting what everyone is telling you… not getting the results but still wanting to do it, then make sure you join one of Natasha’s programs. Natasha understands that everyone learns in different ways, and so she teaches the same thing in all different ways so that everyone can understand and learn.

Natasha’s program helped me in all aspects of my life, and not just in my riding.

It was great having all of Natasha’s support throughout the whole journey with me 🙂

Thanks Tash!!!!
Chantelle West

Module 2: Preliminary Riding Success

In this program you will learn everything you need to know in detail to perfect preliminary/training level dressage and be working on progressing to Novice/First Level dressage. This includes:

  • What the judge is looking for in this level and what you should be working on. Including a typical warm up for a horse at this level
  • Transitions – the transitions you need to perfect at this level, how to set them up for success, and how to ensure you have the best chance of a high score.
  • Centreline and Circles at this level, including accuracy.
  • What frame your horse should work in at this level, and the walk
  • Working on the next level – Leg Yielding
  • Working on the next level – Lengthening Trot/Canter

“The first moment that I met Natasha I knew that I had made the correct descision. Her energy, enthusiasm & positive vibe made it a great experience…”

Simone Gibbs